My Love,

We’ve known each other for eternity; in all directions of time.  Our love is deep and never ending.  In each lifetime, we prepare for our inevitable re-connection.  Until the perfect moment comes and our eyes meet, once again.  So many life times — so many “first” encounters!  I am ready for you now.  Are you ready for me?  I dream of the day when we’ll meet again…  The best day of my life….  Every time!

In the Vortex

Our eyes lock. Someone is making introductions from a place that suddenly fades away. And there is only you and me. As if choreographed, we both step forward. Smiling. Knowing. Wrapping our arms around one another in an embrace that fills all time and space. ‘At last’ , we say, as if with one voice, ‘What took you so long’?

Sudden Clarity — What an Amazing Gift!

I was having a conversation with one of the few people in my life who I trust with every bit of me. Looking back, I don’t remember exactly how the conversation went, but its unfolding brought me to a place of crystal clarity. As we talked, pieces of a puzzle that I’ve been working for a long time simply began falling into place and everything became clear at last.  My friend was drawing out of me all of the signs and synchronicities that I hadn’t added up before. From my childhood dream to be a vet (which I had completely forgotten) to my bizarre experience of channeling the emotional pain and sorrow of abused and neglected animals.  All of a sudden there it was – no denying any more.  ‘Oh my God, it’s the Animals! It’s the Animals!’ I am passionate about Animals being respected and treated as the divine beings of light that they are!

I want to educate people about Animals and the Light they bring to the world. I want to be in a million places at once – comforting every suffering Animal. I want people to understand that Animals have souls just like the rest of us, understand that Animals have the capacity for love and sorrow, joy and grief. In these ways they are like humans. In other ways, animals are very unlike humans. They don’t hold grudges; they don’t hate; they don’t worry about tomorrow or regret yesterday’s choices; they don’t judge – from their perspective, there is no such thing as right or wrong, good or bad, pretty or ugly, fat or skinny, smart or stupid. There’s so much we can learn from Animals – so much we need to pay attention to.

Later, after the high of this earth shattering personal revelation,  in comes the ego: “Why didn’t I put this all together before? What took me so long? I’ve wasted so much time”, etc. And later still, “Maybe I’m wrong.  Maybe I’m making this all up. How am I to be sure?” So before I went to sleep I asked for a sign.

That night, I dreamed I was walking in the forest with a group of children.  We saw a woman sitting on the ground. She was wrapped in a bear skin, with the head intact, and she was surrounded by Animals. One of the children started yelling and taunting the Animals and I scolded him. Then there was a huge snake. I was nervous about the snake, so I started walking again. I stopped behind a tall wooden fence and then the snake’s head appeared above the fence. It slithered down the fence and wrapped itself around me until I was completely in the dark. I kept telling myself, ‘don’t panic, just breathe, it’s ok.’ I asked the snake what it wanted. Then it billowed open around me, like a big satin sheet, and disappeared….  into me.

Now, if that’s not a sign, I don’t know what is!

The next day, I was reminded that the Goddess Artemis (Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Protector of Animals) was present at my level II Reiki attunement! Later, I spent the afternoon at the park and I kid you not: Dogs were looking at me differently! One dog came up to me while I was sitting in the grass and his human exclaimed, ‘OMG he NEVER approaches ANYONE – EVER!’

Mahatma Gandhi said, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” I say it’s time for the entire world to reach for greatness and I’m ready to step forward with confidence and do my part.


I wrote this blog entry on May 6th, but never posted it.  Since then, I have left my full-time job and started marketing my Animal Reiki business, Sentient Love. It’s only been two months, but recently I’ve felt as if the flow has slowed. My marketing efforts haven’t brought any new clients and frankly, the pressure to make money at it only serves to drain all the joy from the original idea of being in service. There’s a reason I stumbled upon this blog entry today. It’s time to realign with my original intent. Thanks, Universe. You always amaze and never disappoint.


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Let it out and light it up

bright-lightThere are so many stories in the news these days about animal abuse and neglect. It breaks my heart to hear about such things.  I used to avoid television news because I didn’t want to focus on the violence and sadness in the world. Recently I decided to watch at least one thirty minute news program each evening. I sit on the couch in front of the t.v. and as I watch, I send light and healing to the animals and people affected by every sad story.

Tonight I saw a particularly heart-wrenching story of animal abuse; they called it “felony animal abuse”. It literally brought me to my knees, with gut wrenching sobs. It was quite awhile before I was able collect myself to sit down and send light to the situation. I began by sending Reiki to the little dog whose abuser beat him and then placed him inside a 350 degree oven. As I sat there sending love and healing to the dog, I realized I hadn’t been crying for the dog alone, but also for the man who had hurt the dog. How horrible it must be for him to live with the kind of anger that caused him to lash out so violently at an innocent animal. Then I sent love and healing to him as well.

Once I would have rushed to turn the t.v. off to avoid hearing that story, but not any more. Tonight I felt the sorrow brought on by compassion for both the dog and his abuser, sent light to the situation, and released it to the Divine. It feels really good to accept like that. Though it may not sound like much, I think it’s quite a lot. I added my love and light to a very dark situation and not only did it help me to process and accept what I witnessed, that love and light are tangible energies that help to heal humanity in a very real way.

I feel better knowing I can make a difference just by bearing witness and sending love.


Some days….

some days







Some days are better than others  

Some days the news makes me cry

Some days it makes my light shine brighter

Some days I dance in the halls at work

Some days its hard to get out of bed

Some days my Angels whisper sweetly in my ears

Some days I don’t listen

Some days are better than others

And that’s ok


Fall In Love

loveFall in Love.

Fall in love with the Earth.

Fall in love with the sky.

Fall in love with the sun.

Fall in love with the moon and the stars.

Fall in love with the trees and rocks and the wind.

Fall in love with your self.

Fall in love with your life.

Fall in love and change the world.

Your love, my love, our love is a vibration that heals.

Fall in love and change the world.

Did you feel the shift?

shiftIn the months leading up to 12-21-12 I experienced many “symptoms of the shift” — from headaches and fatigue to overwhelming feelings of joy and hope, to irritation, anger and sadness. One day I would be filled with excitement and anticipation for the coming Golden Age and the next I was filled with fear that others may “ascend” and I would be left behind. Or, worse yet, that I would ascend and leave my family behind. I finally came to the conclusion that I needed to stop reading all the “channelings” and just be. So I logged off and tuned in to my spirit for awhile.

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek, Earth’s consciousness grid was activated in 2008 ( Interestingly enough, that was the year I sold nearly all of my material possessions and moved back to my hometown. Since then I’ve been caught in a whirlwind of spiritual awakening.

I have developed a spiritual practice of prayer and meditation. I have become attuned to the healing energies of Reiki. I have tuned in to my inner guidance like never before and learned to communicate with my spirit guides and guardian angels and I have developed a conscious awareness of the energies around me.

Most importantly, I have developed a deep desire to be ever-conscious of my oneness with every one and every thing, including the planet we inhabit and the galaxy in which she spins. I know this to be true — that we are all one — but to FEEL it, to actually experience it as the truth of who you are is another thing completely.

I have had flashes of this experience of oneness. It’s a blissful knowing that’s something like being head-over-heels in love with every thing and every one around you at the same time. It feels amazing! These flashes of oneness have been happening for me more frequently over the past few months. I long for the day when the flash lasts forever and simply becomes my reality.

Today is 12-23-12 and the people I love and admire are all still here. No one who I may consider more spiritually evolved than myself has disappeared from my sight (phew!)

The energies that will carry us into the new era of peace on earth are here now and it’s up to all of us, whether we can feel it or not, to ride that energy wave by being the best humans we can be. Listen to your heart and trust your intuition (it knows). Let go of the fears, doubts, judgments (of self and others) that limit you. These only hold you back from that blissful knowing.

Peace on earth. What a beautiful thought. Meditate on that, as often as possible. We can make it happen. It is, after all, why we chose to be here.

Visualize whirrled peas 😉